Thursday 22 July 2010

The Lockdown

As of yesterday my twitter account is locked and I will only accept followers who I know in person. Anybody I don't know personally has been removed from my facebook friends list and my profile is no longer accessible to anybody who isn't already following me.

The reason for this drastic course of action is that Bonnie Cox's supporters, either with or without her instruction (she says without), yesterday bombarded me with obscene hatemail and one fan in particular began recruiting cronies to spy on my personal accounts.

As anticipated, Bonnie Cox has posted a third blog about me. In it she claims that I sent her 'obscenity laden threats'. The only thing I sent Ms Cox which even vaguely resembled a threat was a notice that if she continued to publish libelous information about me, I would seek legal action.

As it happens, I will not be taking any action against Ms Cox. Whereas I was at first outraged by the misinformation being perpetuated about me, after a few days' reflection I've come to realise that anybody who subscribes to conspiracy theories about Sony assassins and body doubles is simply confused and vulnerable.

Ms Cox claims in her latest entry that I 'sent her way' a series of angry fans. This allegation is entirely bogus. I didn't ask anybody to email Bonnie Cox and even posted a message on my facebook wall today asking my remaining followers not to harrass her, because I feel she is emotionally vulnerable.

Cox and her supporters' favourite bogus allegation appears to be that I said Michael Jackson was a drug addict at the time of his death. I did not say this. A few weeks ago I became involved in a heated debate with several twitter users after I made a comment about Michael Jackson's issues with drugs over the years. A number of hardcore Jackson fanatics began sending me furious tweets, claiming that Jackson had never been addicted to drugs in his life.

Jackson's own family members have repeatedly stated in interviews since his death that he was addicted to painkillers at various stages in his life and they attempted to stage several interventions. Quite what it is that makes Cox and her supporters think they know more about Jackson's drug problems than his own brothers and sisters, I'm not sure.

Cox's supporters have left equally baseless comments beneath her blog and all over twitter/facebook. Many of them claim I am 'cashing in' on the wave of support for Jackson since his death. How many times do I have to tell them that my pro-Jackson articles have been written pro bono before they actually digest the information? Moreover, I've been penning articles in Jackson's favour since 2008. It's Cox, not me, who only began covering Jackson after he died.

Others claim that Bonnie Cox never accused me of being in cahoots with Sony, but I have emails forwarded to me by fans in which Cox states clearly her belief that the only reason I'm angry about her blog is because she made the connection between me and Sony.

Just to put an end to any speculation that I am, or ever was, on Sony's payroll; the only exchange I've ever had with Sony was when they banned me from their catalogue release department after I wrote a negative review of Thriller 25.