Thursday 30 September 2010

The Interviewer becomes the Interviewee: Part Two

Author Lorette Luzajic today uploaded Part Two of our brand new interview. In this part she asks me about my role in the release of Michael Jackson's FBI files and what we learned from their contents, as well as asking me about the strange similarities between Jackson's obsessive fans and his obsessive detractors.

In the coming days the interview will continue to be serialised, a few questions at a time. In upcoming segments I will talk about the overzealous fanatics who think they are improving Jackson's legacy but are actually staining it, and the methods employed by conspiracy theorists who are taking advantage of Jackson's vulnerable fans.

In other news, I have uploaded another clip from my interview with 'This Is It' dancer Kriyss Grant. To receive YouTube alerts each time I upload a new video, subscribe to my YouTube channel.