Monday, 7 December 2009

Daily Mail in more Jackson lies?

The Daily Mail today published an article claiming that Janet Jackson's performance on Sunday night's X Factor was actually pre-recorded on Saturday.

However, Janet Jackson was clearly seen still onstage as Dermot O'Leary introduced last night's results. The star was seen stood at centre stage as though waiting to be interviewed, then dashing into the wings when she realised that the results were being introduced.

Jackson was clearly seen stood at centre stage as Dermot O'Leary introduced last night's results, whilst the Mail claimed her performance was pre-recorded on Saturday.

The Mail claimed that Jackson's performance was recorded 'after Saturday night's show'.

But X Factor fans will know that immediately after Saturday's episode finished on ITV1, partner show Xtra Factor aired live from the same studio on ITV2.

During Xtra Factor, the ITV1 audience was seen in the background leaving the studio. But Jackson's performance was clearly filmed in front of an audience. So how was it recorded after Saturday's show?

Once again, the Mail's facts don't seem to add up. Perhaps the performance was pre-recorded and clever photography was used to place Janet Jackson onstage during the results show. But the Daily Mail's claim that the performance was pre-recorded is unsourced and given the newspaper's history of libeling the Jackson family, it doesn't seem unlikely that the story is fabricated.