Monday, 12 October 2009

The Media Circus

I seem to have become the darling of the Essex media industry in recent weeks following the publication of the Guardian Student Media Awards shortlist.

Consequently, I spent the majority of my graduation afternoon being marched from one photoshoot to another. After the obligatory professional picture for grandparents and the such like I was whisked off to be snapped by Southend College's photographer. I was then taken to a small room where I was interviewed for a promotional video.

After that I was snapped by the Echo, then by the Yellow Advertiser, then again by the Echo.

The Yellow Advertiser ran a rather flattering piece which can be read here, although I should point out that I have never written for a publication called 'War Poetics'. I have, however, written several times for the American black music journal 'Wax Poetics'.

The Echo ran a smaller piece with a rather unflattering, blurred photograph that made me look like a character from Steve Oedekerk's 'Thumb' films. As such, here is an exclusive behind the scenes shot from my 40 second photoshoot with the Echo, which will hopefully prove that I do not actually resemble a thumb with googly eyes.

Until next time!